In the video below you can enjoy some images of the Moldovan capital: Chișinău. I would call this city – my second hometown… I don’t really know the guys who have created this presentation, but I sincerely think that they did a great job.



  1. Whoa! Life moves pretty fast in Chișinău.
    It looks like a lovely city; I can see why you like it.
    I noticed your English writing was excellent. Bine făcut


    1. Natalia Bejan · · Reply

      Genieeee! If you are saying that my English is getting better, than it might be true 🙂 Is everything ok with you? Ususally you don’t tend to be so nice 🙂 Now it seems that you are! 😀 Hope that you’re doing well!


  2. Cetateanul · · Reply



    1. Natalia Bejan · · Reply

      Și mie îmi place tare mult! 🙂 Iar de la distanță orașul pare și mai frumos… iar dorul mai mare 🙂


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