Classical: The Beauty and The Beast

I have a great philosophy teacher. If you’re my friend on Facebook, then you’ve probably heard me saying many times: this course truly impresses me. This time I’ll shortly refer to a thing which we’ve discussed at the last lecture. It’s about the most important relationship which can be found in the vast majority of movies. It’s not only about the relationship itself, it’s about the feeling. The LOVE.

Just think about it… Almost each movie has two main personages. A bad guy and a good girl. Which is classical. The guy is doing well, but then troubles occur and the girl appears (or troubles occur exactly when the girl appears) and then they fall in love, the problems are being solved – because they love each other. I’ve watched today (again) an animation which would perfectly describe that classical movie-relationship. It’s an animation which I’ve watched dozens of times. I still have it at home on a videotape. It is one of those animations which will remain in my mind as the animation of my childhood. I’m just sharing it with you.


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