Few weeks ago I have decided to focus my master thesis on the subject of economic forecasting. Interestingly, this idea appeared during the Philosophy and Economics course (which I have enjoyed this semester). For this course I had to prepare an essay on anything on the earth I wanted. After days of searchings I have stopped my decision on the subject mentioned earlier, and got pretty much captivated so that I have also decided to dedicate my master thesis to it.

If you decide to read (or to start reading) my essay, please bear in mind that this is a philosophical approach more than an economical one. The second thing is: it is useless to read it if you won’t pay attention to references, where many expressions and ideas are explained. The funny part will come later, when I will practically start working on the thesis.

Download: Bejan Natalia – Essay – Forecasting


“There are four ways economists can lose their reputation. Gambling is the quickest; sex is the most pleasurable, and drink the slowest. But forecasting is the surest.” (Max Walsh, The Age, 1993)


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